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UK SEO Services Can Make The Difference Between Success And Failure

Using SEO Consultants is a must for internet success. The web has made a huge impact on our lives and can make a vast difference to your business. The internet provides massive opportunity for your business and no matter what your industry, there are many business leads or sales possible from achieving top ten rankings on the major search engines.

SEO specialists and SEO consultants have become a sought-after asset and can mean the difference between profit or loss for your Internet marketing campaign or SEO strategy. SEO is often mentioned online, and also in various article directorys and news sites. Some people say that SEO is unnecessary, but SEO is an important aspect of your Internet marketing . Using PPC alone is not ideal, and you could lose out on lucrative business leads that are available with the free search engine listings.

How do I go about finding an SEO consultant or specialist from my Internet marketing campaign?

Try searching on Google for SEO consultant UK or Internet marketing company, and you will be given a list of SEO specialists that can help you get high rankings. SEO marketing campaigns can cost up to £5,000 per month for a full service campaign with dedicated SEO specialists working on your site(s) and as little as £100 for low-budget campaigns in non-competitive fields.
What will an SEO specialist do with my site(s)?

Analysing your current site and it’s rankings is a very important step. SEO specialists will examine your current website to determine necessary improvements so search engines can index your website efficiently, which improves search engine visibility .

How long will the process take?

After your SEO firm has begun SEO work on your site you should prepare for sales enquiries. If you choose a good SEO firm, your website should produce your goals. Once started, a good SEO agency will try and achieve results as soon as possible. The time taken to get your website on the first page of the major search engines depends on various factors, such as:

-The previous SEO state of the website
-The current rankings for important terms
-The age of the domain name
-How many competitors there are
-How many inbound links you have

Achieving results from your SEO marketing campaign can take anything from 2 days up to several months. SEO marketing campaigns are dependant on factors such as the competitiveness of your industry. As you can see, search engine optimisation campaigns are not instant and you will need some patience, in order to see your intended goals.

With a good SEO specialist and a little patience, you can achieve your goals online and start to increase turnover from visitors and potential new customers through increased traffic and increased sales.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

CCTV Monitoring


There are many aspects of our society today that are perhaps not as ideal as we would like them to be. One of these aspects is crime and dishonesty and unfortunately these are both very real things that we need to deal with every day of our lives.

As a business owner or even a personal consumer, you need to be aware of the risks involved and take action to protect yourself against those risks. Especially in larger cities, crime rates have shot up in present times and more people are willing to commit crimes as well as be dishonest about their motives in order to gain access to places that they would otherwise be restricted from.

A good plan for security is essential for success regardless of which field you’re in (or where in the world you happen to live) and one of the aspects of a good security plan is a proper monitoring system. There are many different systems that can be used for monitoring in a security environment and one of those systems is CCTV Monitoring.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring is one of the most utilized and best performing methods of security monitoring and surveillance. CCTV stands for closed circuit television and CCTV monitoring is a system employed by many businesses and personal consumers today. Through the use of video cameras and multiple banks of television screens, CCTV monitoring can allow a person to keep an eye on multiple parts of their premises at once. Have you ever watched a movie where you’ve seen a security guard sitting in front of a large wall of televisions, each showing something different on it? That is CCTV monitoring.

There are many advantages to using CCTV monitoring, the most apparent of which is completeness. Once you have a proper setup installed on your premises, it is not at all out of the question to think that you would be able to monitor every part of it just by examining the television screens. This can all be done from one room and for that reason it is very easy to either do it yourself or alternatively hire one or two guards to do the task. It can save companies a lot of money where they might otherwise have to spend it on additional personnel salaries and this reason alone has made many companies opt for CCTV monitoring solutions.

On the flip side of that coin is the expense. To get a truly effective CCTV monitoring system installed on your premises, you will need to purchase multiple cameras and multiple viewing screens. The initial cost of that is going to be very high and it might take a few months of saved salaries in order to offset the cost and start making you money. Many people do feel that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks however and that is why CCTV monitoring is so popular in today’s world.


If you are looking for a full featured security solution, then give CCTV monitoring a try. If combined properly with other aspects to create a full fledged and comprehensive security plan, it will allow you either as a personal consumer or as a business executive to sleep much easier at night.

Security Alarm Response

As a society, crime rates are increasing and generally speaking not many people seem to be interested in cleaning up their acts. This is where the need for security comes in.
While it may not be possible to actually go ahead and solve the crime rate problems (at least not at the moment), it is definitely possible to protect yourself and your family against them. Your family is the most precious thing in the world to you, so don’t you think that it is a good idea to see to it that they are protected at all times?

A security alarm response system is capable of doing that for you. With all of the new advances in alarm response technology, some of the new models and the new companies that support them have really raised the bar in the way alarm response systems are being used.

Alarm Response Advantages

There are many security advantages to owning an alarm response system, many of which are probably very obvious to most people. After all, if you have decided to purchase an alarm response system or even are considering doing so, you probably are already aware of the many advantages that alarm response technology brings to the table.

Firstly, there is the whole idea of security. Security is simply the idea of a person or people feeling safe inside their premises and one of the ways to facilitate this safe feeling is through alarm response. It is very similar to the kind of alarm one would install on their car, able to make a large noise in the event of a break in and frighten the criminal away. More advanced alarm response systems will also come with monitoring, where helpful company representatives will call you within seconds of the alarm going off.

Alarm Response Disadvantages

There is one major disadvantage to alarm response and that is usually the cost involved with it. Because of the expensive equipment (and if you are on an advanced plan the human monitoring) involved with alarm response, it is often quite difficult to find one that is of a low price. Another thing you can add to this is the fact that many alarm response companies will also charge monthly rates in addition to the initial rate and while monthly rates are still very reasonable in nature, they are also more money that you will have to spend.

While this can definitely be a disadvantage, many people would not really consider it to be one. They simply consider it the cost of making sure that those closest to them are safe with the help of an alarm response system.


There are many different ways to ensure security on your premises and many different methods that all work very well at doing so. Alarm response, however, is definitely one that deserves a second look. With its direct attack philosophy towards startling anyone trying to break into your premises and the monitoring that comes along with it, it is definitely close to the top of the list for safety and security measures world wide.

London Security

Structured to provide the best security measures for your home, business and private assets, Grosvenor Security is committed towards safeguarding your every prized possession. From security alarms, closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring and key holding, to providing VIP protection, secure locking and unlocking and effective risk assessment measures, Grosvenor Security provides you a wide range of first-class security services especially designed to suit your precise safety requirements.

Competent static site security measures, mobile patrolling services and attending your locking, unlocking and key holding requirements are some of the primary services provided at Grosvenor Security Be it your business site or residential building, closed circuit televisions are today some of the best security devices that you can put to use in order to keep a constant, close watch on who is doing what within the building premises at different points of time. The main features of CCTV monitoring services available at Grosvenor Security include fixed and mobile cameras with joysticks, multiple cameras with matrix switcher, video management of the images generated and convenient viewing of the camera images from multiple monitors. To keep things under twenty four hour surveillance, there are in-house LAN-DVR connections which enable the authority to view images from their personal computers. You can also digitally record events and save the data in your computer.

An efficient and cost effective way of providing security solutions, the CCTV package available at Grosvenor Security includes everything from selecting the best sites and equipments to installation and regular upkeep of the gadgets. Security alarms and key holding services will take care of your every safety requirement from daily locking and unlocking to providing fast emergency response in times of crisis. Installation of control access like x-rays help in checking individuals and objects passing into restricted areas. Installing anti-burglary and vandalism grills, doors and walls are further measures that can ensure that your property stays safe and protected at all hours.

One of the leading security companies in London Grosvenor Security is committed to providing you high quality security services any time you need. So as to provide you the best security services possible, the staff at grosvenorsecurity .net is selected with attention to every detail. Whereas, the management of the company includes police officers and individuals who have had prior experience in providing security in troubled times, while selecting members of the staff, along with the applicants’ professional competence, their past and private lives are also carefully scrutinized.

Once recruited, the staff at Grosvenor Security are continuously trained and guided to suit the client’s specific security requirements all through the year. Along with training them to provide highest respect to the client’s properties, the staff members are also trained to comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998. All officers at Grosvenor Security are trained by highly qualified trainers according to the standards set by the British BS7499: 2002 Site Guarding and Mobile Patrol Services. At the time of providing service to the clients, a Grosvenor security guard in London is in constant contact with his supervisor through mobile phones or radio sets. While on one hand, this enables the security guards to follow instructions with maximum efficiency, on the other, they are able to stay in continuous touch with the clients as well, and thereby, serve the latter better.

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What Telephone System Do You Need?

It is virtually impossible to image an enterprise without a robust telephone system. An efficient telephone system is required not only to reach out to the thousands of the customers, but also to communicate between the office members as a part of a meeting or conference, or to facilitate the routine communication between the mangers and the work force. In short, the more robust the telephone system in a business, the better and efficient would be the work coordination and hence the overall performance of its employees. This article discusses a few telephone systems that are usually associated with businesses.

Telephone systems in enterprises can be classified into three types – KSU less phones, preferably for small businesses, Key systems for mid sized enterprises, and the more elaborate Private Branch Exchange (PBX) for larger corporations.

KSU less phone systems are meant for businesses that do not need more than ten extensions. If there is another plus with such small business phone systems, then it is its installation and maintenance cost, which are relatively very low, and yes, the monthly expense in terms of phone tariffs. Also, since KSU less phone systems are temporary connections, moving it to a new location, such as in the case of an office shift, is not a big deal. Simply unplug the telephone system and plug it back in the new office. If yours is a small business or a start up, installing a KSU less telephone system would be the ideal choice. You can upgrade it to a more complex telephone system as the enterprise grows.

As mentioned, Key systems and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) are required for larger businesses. PBX is essential if the employee strength is more than 40 and frequent communication with more than member at a time – conferencing – and enhanced call management is a necessity. By call management, it implies the different communication modes such as call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail and fax, and the telephone system’s much needed compatibility with other electronic devices such as the printers, PC, and the web. PBX definitely costs more than the KSU less telephone systems, but, then the phone companies offer different communication packages depending upon the client requirements, and its prices vary with the features that each package includes.
If your business wants a feature filled service, you may have to shell out more money.

Key system, on the other hand, is tailor made for medium sized enterprises whose employee strength falls between 10 and 40. The PBX and Key systems are usually installed and maintained by the service provider himself unlike the KSU less ones.

Finally, before choosing a business telephone system, take into consideration, the current size of the company, its future expansion plans, and also the different phone systems available in the market and their costs. Compare the capabilities and features of the telephone systems in the market, its price, and quality of customer support, before making the final call. It is also advisable to seek professional advice in that regard. To know more about telephone systems in vogue, search the World Wide Web.

Why Your Website Needs Managed Linux Hosting

Managed hosting is a type of outsourcing to ensure that your business websites function correctly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Outsourced hosting is a necessity for many commercial organisations, as IT knowledge is usually minimal and the costs are significantly higher to host in-house and therefore outsourcing is essential to guarantee that server uptime is almost one hundred percent.

There is a large number of hosting companies offering managed hosting to various clients from all over the world. Many hosting companies provide their services through dedicated servers and the server uptime is almost one hundred percent. Leased servers are also available from some of the hosting companies exclusively for many businesses that require dedicated applications or database applications. Hosting service providers also manage hardware maintenance and network security, bandwidth and site monitoring.

Websites generally require managed hosting for smooth functioning of the website and any application or email traffic that is necessary.

There are generally two types of hosting - one is Windows hosting and other Linux hosting. There are several advantages of managed hosting and depending on the requirements, suitable hosting can be selected for a specific website. Generally a team of professionals looks after the managed hosting and it is good for you to find a reputable and honest company that offers their outsourcing services at the most cost effective rates. Many new companies are coming up in this high growth sector area and you have to ensure that you balance price with professionalism and server infrastructure.

A commercial, managed hosting company provides detailed IP addresses of website visitors during the entire month as well as also providing visiting trends, anti virus, spam control and daily backups. Website statistics or analytics are very useful, especially for commercial websites. Many Windows and Linux hosting providers offer full database support and this is vital to the stability of your websites applications.

Linux hosting provides many features and many people prefer it to Windows hosting. All commercial service providers generally have twenty four hour customer support through phone or email and provide a personal control panel for easy and efficient administration.

Service providers have support in almost all areas such as Perl, PHP, MySQL, CGI bin, SSH access and Python. Some additional features such as POP, SMTP, Webmail, Anonymous FTP connections and FrontPage extensions may also be provided to the customers. Service providers have dedicated IP addresses and excellent database support and therefore in our opinion Linux hosting provides many additional features. So, it is necessary for large commercial organizations and business houses to go for managed hosting as it provides not only hosting in a dedicated server, but all types of customer support that is required for smooth running of the website. Although Windows and Linux hosting are available, in our opinion Linux hosting is a better option.

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The Importance Of PPC (Pay per Click) For Your Marketing Campaigns

PPC or pay per click is a comparatively new way of paid advertising and you only have to pay when your advert is physically clicked on. When visitors click on your advert they are taken to your website or sales page that is targeted to your advertisements product or service, meaning a higher chance of achieving a sale or enquiry.

Pay per click (PPC) services are offered by many search engines and portals and you are asked to bid for keywords that relate to your product, service or industry. There is tough competition for certain keywords and you might spend hundreds of pounds for a few keywords, however there are also certain keywords available for a few pence that can be advantageous for your campaign, even if there are only small amounts of people actually searching for these keywords per month.

Thus pay per click or PPC advertising is good for delivering targeted customers to your websites; however this type of advertising is not suitable for non-profit making businesses, as it can become costly.

The most popular pay per click channels are Google’s AdWords, AdBrite, BidVertiser and Overture as these search engines have large networks and traffic volumes. You might also be interested in showing your advert in a particular geographical region and now that technology has evolved, most channels offer geographical advertising, which further enhances the targeted advertising benefit of pay per click.

The selection of keywords for bidding is the most important task for any PPC (pay per click) campaign as certain keywords might be costly. Research shows that the top five bidders of almost all the keywords get the maximum traffic and conversions; therefore it is not necessary to make the highest bid for specific keywords.

Once you register with the PPC (pay per click) search engines and deposit money in your account, you should start from the lowest possible amount and increase your budget in a phased manner.

In order to get more traffic, conversions and sales, your advert plays a key role. Your advert should therefore be eye-catching, so that the maximum amounts of people click on your adverts and are then diverted to the website to make the desired call-to-action, as the conversions or sales depend on the first impression of the landing page and its contents.

A beautifully designed landing page having informative and impressive contents will generate more sales. The next and most important thing is to monitor your adverts and if they are not generating sufficient sales, change them so that more and more people are being diverted to your landing page.

So, keep watching the earnings from your PPC campaigns and monitor your ads regularly.

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Why UK SEO Services Are Amongst The Best In The World

The UK has been one of the leaders in SEO and SEO services right from the beginning. UK companies and Web presences need a company in the UK that provides a complete and proven service, with an all round knowledge of the Internet and what it takes to be a high ranking website in your chosen market or industry.

With the growth of SEO and search engine optimisation awareness in the business world it is essential that when choosing an SEO services supplier in the UK, that you ask questions to ensure that the SEO specialist or agency will take time to understand and research your business, in order to provide effective results in your industry or market place.

In the UK, Internet access and Internet use is constantly growing at a staggering rate and if you fail to capitalise on the potential of your website you could pay the price for it. Merely submitting your website to search engines is not an SEO strategy and will not get you results. There is no quick fix and you have to be focused in your objectives and goals, which is why using the services of a UK SEO agency is necessary.

The more familiar services that a UK SEO firm of consultant will use are website optimisation, keyword research and generation, copywriting, competitor analysis, statistical analysis of Web traffic, content management and creation, blog creation and writing, podcasts, directory listings and submissions etc.

Of course, just optimising your website using an SEO specialist may not be the only answer. Competing against billions of websites across the Internet, do not lose sight that your website should be pleasing to the eye, easy to use and made to be as easy as possible for your visitors to get what they want from your site.

If your site is e-commerce enabled, then it is essential that users can purchase products or services, with as little amount of clicks as possible. Ensuring that your pages load quickly is also essential, as statistics often show that web users lose interest fast and they could to a competing website, meaning lost business for you.

Employing the services of an SEO consultant is a step in the right direction. The UK market offers great potential for your business, and if you miss out on what is available from Internet traffic you will have to play catch-up when your competitors get in their first.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

SEO Specialists Could Be The Key To Your Internet Success

Nowadays, using SEO specialists is essential to website success. The web has made a huge impact on our lives and can make a vast difference to your business. Whatever your industry, the internet provides huge opportunities for your business, and to make an impact it is advisable to use SEO (search engine optimisation) to get first page results on Google, Yahoo and MSN etc.

Consultants and specialists in the SEO field have become very popular and can mean the difference between profit or loss for your online marketing campaign or internet marketing strategy. SEO is often mentioned on the web, and also in various article directorys and news sites. Some people think SEO is not necessary, but SEO is a vital aspect of your online marketing . Using PPC alone is not ideal, and you miss out on potential customers that are available with the free search engine listings.

Where is the best place to find my SEO specialist for my internet marketing needs?

Try searching on Google for Internet marketing company or SEO consultant UK, and you will be given a list of SEO specialists that can help you get high rankings. In terms of costs for SEO campaigns, expect to pay anything from £100 per month (for smaller, less competitive sites) up to £5,000 per month (for larger, highly competitive sites).

What will an SEO Consultant do with my site(s)?

Your site will need to be assessed for SEO friendliness and accessibility. SEO consultants can look at your coding and design to find areas that need improving so search engines can index your website efficiently, which improves search engine visibility .

How quickly will SEO take effect on my website?

After your SEO specialists have begun working on your site you are on your way to success. If you choose a good SEO firm, your website should produce your goals. Once started, a good SEO specialist will try and achieve results as quickly as possible. The time taken to get your website on the first page of MSN, Google and Yahoo depends on various aspects, including:

-The previous SEO state of the website

-The current rankings for important terms

-How long the site has been live

-How competitive your keywords are

-The incoming links to your website

Achieving results from your SEO campaign can take anything from 2 days up to several months. SEO marketing campaigns are dependant on factors such as the competitiveness of your industry. As you can see, Search engine optimisation campaigns are not instant and you will need some patience, in order to see your intended goals.

Given a little patience and a well chosen SEO consultant, you can produce results and begin to increase revenue from visitors and potential new customers that could be searching for your product or service.

Lee Smith writes about UK SEO (search engine optimisation) services for internet marketing campaigns
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The Internet Marketing Agency For Your Business

Utopia is a UK based SEO Consultancy that only uses professional and ethical search engine optimisation techniques to gain top search engine rankings for businesses. Higher search engine positions result in increased website visibility and traffic, and lower the cost of customer acquisition.
Our SEO services include analyzing and optimising site content and keywords, submitting to the major search engines and directories, building link popularity, and monitoring placement for top rankings. Once the search engine and directory listings are secured, this free search engine traffic can be supplemented with marketing programs with highly targeted pay per click advertising. Information on our SEO services can be found here.
We can take your industry terminology and provide keyword analysis and optimisation that will both improve search engine rankings and make sense to your human viewers.
More on our corporate SEO package.
We provide a personalised service working very closely to meet our clients needs. We get to know you and your business. We never use automated submission tools or techniques that could be labeled as spam.
We can help you improve site visibility! Please contact us for a preliminary evaluation of your website. We use ethical methods only and do not make guarantees that cannot be met!
Utopia is a UK based search engine optimisation and consultancy company offering web site placement, promotion, and marketing services.
Utopia is an independent consultancy and can provide onsite services in the London, Surrey and UK region.
Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimisation? Because Web Site Development is not Enough!
You have a great web site but nobody can find you. We help you with the necessary steps to get web site visibility! Often simple changes to a website can have dramatic results. Contact us for more details!

Copyright Utopia Solutions Internet Marketing Services

Using Internet Marketing For Your Success

Internet marketing is the key for any business wanting to increase profits via their web site(s).
The main elements of internet marketing are usually pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) and the business generated via the internet could be the difference in making your business a success.
Using proven, ethical methods, your website can bring your dreams and business goals to life. No matter if it's a hobby or an established business, using a combination of tried and tested marketing methods, you could see traffic levels increase by up to 2000%, or even more, and most of this can be targeted traffic, which could result in a sale, enquiry or affilliate click revenue.
Too many companies rely on their web site alone to generate sales or leads, and this is a fatal mistake.
Unless you have a successful name or web site already, the majority of your budget should be spent on Internet marketing or pay-per-click (PPC) to get the traffic to your site. Only when you start to receive revenue from your site, should you then update, upgrade or enhance your site with all the functionality that you require.
This theory only works if your site has been optimised for accessibility, content and has "calls to action", to make the visitors perform the function you require, whether it be subscribing, purchasing or just emiling via an enquiry form.
Any Internet marketing company should be able to show previous experience and successes from search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN and be able to provide reports and statistics to back this data up.
One of the most important factors of any Internet marketing campaign, is the choice of keywords used to obtain targeted traffic. Always ask to see the keywords used for your campaign and do not be afraid to ask questions and get statistics to show the number of searches made per month for each keyword.
Your time and money will be wasted if the keywords used are not the best ones for your business, service(s) or product(s).
All Internet marketing agencies should use an established and successful statistics package to track and monitor your web site's visitors, and also to see what web sites or search engines they are coming from.
With these statistics, you should be able to see what is working and what isn't, so you can adjust or optimise your Internet marketing plan accordingly. With a good SEO consultant or marketing agency behind you, you will be on the road to success and before you know it, you'll be seeing turnover increase and wondering why you never did it sooner.

Choosing Your Internet Marketing Agency

Every company should think carefully when choosing an internet marketing agency. Making a mistake early on, could prove disastrous and may get your site banned or de-listed on the major search engines.
Good seo consultants will only use "white hat" seo strategies and techniques, and with hard work and a little patience, your results will be more than worth the wait.
Search engine optimisation (seo) consultants are not magicians and do not perform miracles, yet, if you select a consultant or agency that has a proven record, you will be amazed at the results and the new business or traffic received from their service.
There is no one method of internet marketing that you should use. With a well-balanced and thought out plan, you should target several key areas to spread your marketing wisely. By spreading out your marketing and using several key elements and methods, your site will quickly gain a Google page rank and trust factor and your site will start to appear and increase it's rankings on all the major search engines.
With a new domain name or website, as long as you do not try and trick the search engines with "black hat" tactics, your site will not be sandboxed for long and within a couple of months your site can get a high-listing with a competitive search term.
Of course, one key element to any campaign is choosing your keywords correctly. There is no point targeting a highly-competitive search term if you have a fairly new site or domain name.
The smartest thing to do, is to target lower-traffic keywords that you will be able to get listed higher for. Only when your site starts to gain trust from the search engines, should you even attempt to target the more lucrative and competitive keywords for your site's industry.
Using proven keyword analysis tools, you should spend a lot of time analysing and planning your target keywords in order to maximise effectiveness and to balance out the competitive aspect of your internet marketing campaign.
All the factors above are reasons why you should let an experienced internet marketing agency take care of your campaign. The return on investment (roi) should outweigh any other marketing method and also the work done on your site will remain intact as long as you maintain your site with search engine optimisation (seo) in mind.
There are lots of marketing agencies and seo consultants about, but choosing wisely is crucial. Some very important tips to follow are:
Any seo consultancy/internet marketing agency website should really have:

-A page rank of 5 or more
-Evidence of competitive, high listings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
-Ability to supply statistics to track your campaign and the results effectively
-Summary of services and activities to be carried out

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Internet Marketing Agency Utopia Solutions Achieves Over 1000% Increase In Traffic for Networklondon.co.uk

Using specialist SEO and online marketing skills, Utopia internet marketing agency managed to transform internet traffic figures for the quarter by over 1,000% for IT support company Network London. Internet marketing has finally been recognised commercially as the necessary step to increasing enquiries or sales for any serious website presence and the preferred choice for search engine users are the organic (free) listings on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Utopia was established in 2001 and has an ever-growing list of satisfied clients from small businesses and individuals to corporate companies. With six years of online marketing and search engine optimisation experience, Utopia are well placed in the internet marketing arena to provide success and increased revenue for your website campaigns. Using only proven, ethical methods, Utopia have built up first page rankings across all the major search engines for multiple industries and multiple competitive keyword combinations.Network London approached Utopia as their website was not producing the results they had expected.Utopia performed a site and competitor analysis and produced an internet marketing campaign to get top 5 listings across the three major players in the search engine industry.After just several months, first page listings were achieved and enquiries started to generate from the website. On 1st May 2007 a new website was launched to improve usability and search engine optimisation and feedback has been extremely positive and increased rankings have been achieved, which have resulted in 2 new clients for the month.You can contact Utopia Solutions at http://www.uwdl.com, +44 (0)870 444 8983 or email lsmith@uwdl.com

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