Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You Have A Website, What Now?

You have a website, it looks great and does what you want it to, but what next and how do you get new business with it via internet marketing?

With thousands of websites in your market or industry you cannot afford to let your website or business get left behind and you can not rely on a website without a serious online marketing campaign to back it up.

Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing is what is required to gain traffic and sales from the most powerful medium ever, the Internet. With Google, Yahoo and MSN controlling around 80% of the internet’s search results, the potential for your product, service or site is massive. Most companies and organisations overlook this necessary method of marketing, but there are ways to rapidly grow your site and it’s traffic at relatively low prices compared to traditional print advertising.

Unless you are a corporate, blue chip company or have vast budgets, you cannot simply setup a PPC (Pay Per Click) account with Google or Overture/Yahoo and simply sit back and get traffic. You will get traffic but you have to be smarter than this due to competitiveness and click fraud. Keywords have to be researched and targeted thoroughly before you even begin to start your campaign. Once you have achieved the correct keywords for your target market you can start to plan your online campaign and this will greatly depend on your budget.

It is frightening, but most clients of web design companies do not even seriously consider that they will need to spend as much if not more on their internet marketing as they do on their actual site and this is where it all goes horribly wrong. It doesn’t seem to matter how often clients are warned about their marketing, they just do not seem to listen and when their great site is launched, they always come back and ask why they are not getting more sales, despite advice and recommendations.

Over 70% of internet users prefer to use the natural “organic” results of a search engine and by using an SEO Consultant you can gain significant traffic over a long-term period and achieve sales and enquiries at a much lower cost than PPC over a longer period.

Without having to break your budgets, if you plan from the start, you can balance a great site with a great marketing campaign and save lots of unnecessary wasted time and money.

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Internet Marketing - The Answer For Your Business

Advertising and marketing should be a top priority for any business and with the age of the internet comes the best ever way of marketing and attracting new clients, customers and internet traffic, based on targeted online marketing.

Using an internet marketing agency or SEO consultants for your campaign is both cost-effective and fully-measurable via online statistics software so you can track every aspect of your marketing campaign.

Pay per click (PPC) is a popular method of advertising for mostly larger businesses and involves bidding on keywords to attract users to your web site. These "sponsored links" are then displayed at the top positions of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

PPC can and does work for many businesses, but unless you have a dedicated, sustainable budget, this is probably not the most cost-effective of routes. Click fraud has been a buzz word for a while now and it needs to be taken seriously before starting any campaign as this could prove costly to your business.

The preferred option of internet marketing for most businesses and for the majority of search engine users, is the "organic" or natural listings which are essentially free, but rely on the algorithms of the search engines to determine which pages and sites appear at the top of the list.
It is not rocket science to get a top ten search engine ranking, but if your business is in a competitive industry, it can be costly and you may have to wait up to three months before results are seen.

To get new business with a top ten ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN you will need to have an SEO consultancy that takes into account Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and a linking campaign to put a trust factor into your web site.

Once you get a top ten search engine ranking through an internet marketing agency or seo constultancy, you will start to receive enquiries, phone calls and sales only if your site has undergone a usability and an accessibility test, without this all your hard work and investment may be for nothing.

You could have a top ten search engine ranking, but if you have a poor website that does not make it easy for visitors to take the action you want them to, you have made a mistake and you will have to edit your website or get your SEO consultants or your internet marketing agency to do it for you.

With a well planned internet marketing strategy, your website will benefit immensely and your web traffic will dramatically increase as a result.

Search engine optimisation is not a mystery, more of a strategic implementation of good search engine policies and practices to ensure your online business fulfils it's potential.

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Search Engine Optimisation - The Top Ten Ranking Guide

Search engine optimisation is all about achieving a top ten ranking on the major search engines. This is a fiercely-contended task and to stand a chance of succeeding you need an internet marketing agency or SEO Consultants that can implement an online marketing strategy that will deliver not only traffic, but targeted traffic to get the results you require.

In highly-competitive industries such as recruitment, travel and insurance etc, you would not succeed without a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy.

Using only proven, ethical methods, an SEO consultant will bring targeted traffic to your web site and generate leads or sales for your business and with over 75% of the internet's searches coming from Google, Yahoo and MSN, your business cannot afford to miss out on the vast numbers of potential customers looking for your product or service.

One of the key elements for a rock solid internet marketing plan is good quality content focused on your business and it's industry. Literally the more quality and unique content there is on your site, the better off your site will be, in terms of rankings.

Another major factor for your marketing plan is the coding and search engine optimisation of your site. Whether you have an html, dynamic or a flash-based website, there are important steps that your SEO consultants should take to ensure your site is search engine ready.

Flash web design may look good but are notoriously poor for top ten search engine rankings, thankfully there are steps you can take to still get your site listed and ranked on the major search engines. The same applies to dynamic web sites that are written in programming languages such as PHP, ASP and .NET.

Once your site is search engine optimised, your internet marketing strategy will start to work and you can start to work on one of the other more important factors that search engines look for, which is the trust factor of your site. This can be achieved by partnering with other web sites that are regarded as trusted and have a good rank on the search engines already.

After performing all of these steps, your internet marketing agency or SEO consultants will have your site well under way to achieving a top ten search engine ranking.

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